Great in the Making Track

Great in the Making Track Overview

Why You’ll Want to Join 

Those among us who are true creators are motivated by different reasons but, at the foundational level, we are all compelled by a singular desire: To make something great.

The Mr. Coffee® Brand “Great in the Making” Track encourages and supports those compelled to make the products, technologies and solutions that will greatly improve the lives of others in one or more key areas:

  • Home Life
  • Work Environment
  • Transportation         
  • Organization
  • Convenience

If you seek to make a difference (a great difference) in the lives of others, this is your Track.

About the Mr. Coffee® Brand / Product

We understand your passion to create. We invented the home brewing category in 1972 and have been innovating ever since. Making products that deliver great experiences for consumers has always been our calling. (As a result, we’ll be debuting the best home brewer we’ve ever made in December.) That passion for greatness never ends. It’s the beauty of what we – what you – are called to do. We’re honored to support you.

Judging Criteria: Here’s What’ll Make Them Love You

Compelling Purpose

  • What is your product/solution intended to solve or improve? 
  • What, if anything, is breakthrough about your product/solution?
  • Who is your audience – and how/why will your product make life better for them?

Thoughtful Design

  • Why is your product/solution designed as presented?
  • What about your design will most compel/engage your audience?
  • What, if anything, is breakthrough about your design?

Realistic Production

  • How do you propose to create/produce your product? 
  • What materials, human resources, facilities will be required for production?
  • Why is your production plan efficient and effective? 

Focused Marketing

  • What is your value proposition for your product/solution? 
  • How did you validate your product/solution with your audience?
  • How do you plan on making this a successful business?  (Feel free to expound more on your consumer audience as well as thoughts regarding competition, scale-ability, overall revenue model, etc.) 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Teams building a great product in any of the following industries are for this Track: Home Life, Work Environment, Transportation, Organization, Convenience

Important Dates: 

  • Nov 13 – Weekend 1 submissions open (8:00am PST)
  • Nov 17 – Weekend 1 submissions close (11:59pm PST)
  • Nov 22 – Weekend 2 submissions open (8:00am PST)
  • Nov 24 – Weekend 2 submissions close (11:59pm PST)
  • Nov 27 – Voting begins
  • Dec 4 – Voting ends
  • Dec 4-9 – Judging
  • Dec 9-10 – Scoring/Admin
  • Dec 11 – Winner Announcement

Great in the Making Track Prizes

Get Advice.

The Mr. Coffee® Brand members of your judging panel will provide you with up to 6 hours of mentoring and consulting services. That’s 2 hours each from Dave in Product Development, John in Business Leadership, and Mandy in Marketing.

Value: Priceless

Get Incorporated.

You’ve made your pitch, now make it real – with business services from You’ll get help creating and registering your corporation or LLC, applying for the right tax info, drafting bylaws, operating agreements, and more.

Value: $1,000

Get Connected.

With 10,000 minutes of virtual phone service from you will be able to reach out and get your business rolling from wherever you may be.

Value: $200

Get To Work.

When someone asks where your startup is starting up, you’ll be able to tell them – because you’ll be enjoying 3 months of workspace services from Pivotdesk or WeWork.

Value: $2,400

Track Judges

Mandy McCarthy

from Mr. Coffee

Mandy is Vice President, Consumer Marketing for the Mr. Coffee® Brand – and all Jarden Consumer Solutions businesses. Her experience launching new products – and leading other highly successful brands such as Axe, Degree, and Dove during her tenure at Unilever – is based squarely on a her guiding principle: Know the consumer! It’s one of the many lessons Mandy learned while earning her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

John Wojcik

from Mr. Coffee

John, Vice President & General Manager of Jarden Consumer Solutions, is responsible for direction of the Beverage and Slow Cooking Business Unit – including the Mr. Coffee® Brand. He is also a member of the JCS USA Leadership Team charged with setting overall portfolio strategy, investment and spending of a $1.5 Billion business. John received his MBA from Pepperdine University and believes (especially when to comes to business) in the insight illuminated his favorite quote: “Imagination rules the world.”

David Buck

from Mr. Coffee

As Director of Product Development, Dave began his career on the team that created the revolutionary, taste-elevating idea of automatic drip brewing systems for the home. Today Dave oversees the continual innovation that defines the Mr. Coffee® brand. A passionate product guy and “maker” at heart, Dave also credits the success of Mr. Coffee® brand products to “understanding the consumer above all else…so that we can make products people want, the way they want them, before they may even realize it themselves.”

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