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What is Global Startup Battle (GSB)?

An initiative created by Startup Weekend, Global Startup Battle aims to generate a stronger global community of entrepreneurs through the largest startup competition in the world. During the weekend prior to and following Global Entrepreneurship Week, hundreds of Startup Weekend events are hosted around the world and teams have the opportunity to move forward and compete with one another via a global online video competition. In 2014, over 230 cities participated in Global Startup Battle. Global Startup Battle enriches the global entrepreneurial community by creating a sense of inclusion between startup teams around the world.

Why should I participate in GSB?

GSB is an opportunity for your team to get amazing exposure and momentum. All the prizes are designed to help startups be successful, they provide things like mentors, services, and helpful resources to winners. Since GSB also coincides with Global Entrepreneurship Week, the world’s attention is on entrepreneurs and startup events, GSB is the biggest of those events.

I did GSB last year, what’s new for 2015?

Open Track! For the first time ever in the history of GSB, we’re opening a Track just for startups from outside GSB Startup Weekend events. These teams will compete separately from GSB 2015 teams, details coming soon!

Pre-GSB Bootcamps: We’re helping local Organizers create pre-event bootcamps to help you get really prepared for GSB. Learn things like: How to enter the contest, how to make a video, etc!

How do I participate?

There are three major ways to compete:

By Region: Attend an official Startup Weekend between November 13th and the 23rd, 2015. Eligible events and tickets can be found here. During the weekend you will build a company and pitch to local judges. At this time you can also create a 90 second video pitch to use later. The video should outline your company and why you will be successful. The local judges will determine the Top 3 winners for each event and those 3 teams will be invited to compete in the Regional Battle.

The Regional round will be decided by a 50-50 combination of number of votes and a judging panels score for your team. 2 teams will be chosen from each Region based on their final score and they will move on to compete for winner of the Championship Track. Winner of the Global Championship Track will be decided by our final Judges.

By Themed Tracks: Open to all teams. Regardless of your local placement, your team can submit a video to any of the Themed Tracks you qualify for. Each has a different set of eligibility requirements, so read up on the ones you may want to participate in. Instead of progressing through a Regional and Global round, all teams in each Track enter a main pool and compete for votes to make their way into the Top 15. From the final 15, judges will select the winners.

New! Open Track: For the first time ever, we’re opening GSB to teams from the general public (outside of GSB 2015 weekends). Launch a startup in the last few months? This is the Track for you! Teams in this Open Track will compete against each other, and not against GSB 2015 weekend teams. More info on entry requirements coming soon!

What is a Track?

A Track is a themed competition within GSB. Each Track is powered by one of our amazing partners. They have their own entry requirements, judging criteria, judges, and prizes. Tracks allow EVERY team to participate this year instead of only the local winners. For Track specific information and to enter one, visit the Track homepage by clicking on ‘Enter’ in the top menu and then selecting the Track you are interested in.

Can I compete in multiple Tracks?

You can! Each track has a set of eligibility requirements, but you can submit in as many as you qualify for. Remember that you only get one video though, you can’t make a different video for each Track, so if you plan to compete in a few, make sure you hit the major points each Track is looking for. 

I heard I need to make a video to compete, is that true?

It is! After your local Startup Weekend, you’ll need a pitch video to compete against the other teams around the world. This is so you can share it online to get votes and allow judges located around the world to view it and score you. We recommend working on your video during the weekend!

Here are the major video requirements:

  • Must not exceed 90 seconds in length
  • Must be completed and submitted on the GSB site within 48 hours of the conclusion of your Startup Weekend
  • It should cover the major points in the Startup Weekend judging criteria
  • If entering a Themed Track – It should talk to the criteria of the Themed Track you intend to enter (If you’re entering the E-commerce track, you should mention why your company is a great e-commerce startup and has potential in that space, for example)

As the competition gets closer, we’ll send you an information pack with a step by step on how to submit your video entry and helpful tips on easy ways to make great videos. 

Where can I go to find an event near me?

You can find all the Startup Weekends that are part of GSB here.

What are the prizes?

Many awesome prizes have already been announced! You can view them here. Additional prizes will be announced closer to the start of GSB.

How does the voting process work?

Regional Track:

  1. Judges selecte the Top 3 teams at each event, these teams go to a Regional Round
  2. Teams garner votes by sharing their video on the contest platform and through social media. (Friends, family, everyone can vote for you, just not robots or people you paid)
  3. After the voting period ends, they will be verified and tallied
  4. Judges will score the entry independently of the votes, they will not be told how many votes a team received.
  5. We’ll apply a 50% weight to the judges score and a 50% weight to the rank the voting resulted in
  6. Based on the final score, 2 teams from each Region will be selected to move on
  7. Judges choose the Champion

Themed Tracks:

  1. Teams submit videos
  2. Teams collect votes
  3. The Top 15 move on to a judging round

For specifics on how to vote or how to get votes, check back later, we’ll have a section added when the contest platform is finlaized and ready to go.

Facilatator / Organizer Questions

What are the benefits to Organizing during GSB?

Join hundreds of other events around the world in lots of friendly competition and fun! Global Startup Battle happens during Global Entrepreneurship Week and it is a time of the year with a particularly intense focus on startups and programs for entrepreneurs. This makes it a great time to get your city introduced to the global community and for teams to have extra visibility on a global stage. Additionally, GSB is a time of the year your attendees have the access and ability to keep competing against other teams after your local event is over for prizes and resources.

Will branded material be provided for my event? Can I get logos, etc.?

You can download all the GSB brand assets on the Brandisty page here. You’ll also be supplied with a special version of the Organizer Deck before your event.

How can my city interact with others around the world during GSB?

There are two awesome options for staying in touch with all your fellow battlers. Join the worldwide conversation using the hashtag #GSB2015 and/or use your city hashtag to compete in the Hashtag Battle (more to come on the Hashtag Battle).

As a GSB organizer, who is my point of contact for questions?

The Regional Manager that you met during your application and welcome call process can help you with anything GSB related. You can also email the GSB Team at gsb@techstars.com.

What do I need to make sure my attendees know about GSB?

We’ll provide you with a detailed checklist before your event, but the basics are this. (1) Everyone can compete in GSB this year! (2) To check out the GSB site for details on the Track opportunities and how to enter. (3) To be working on their video throughout the weekend! (4) That they will have just 48 hours after the end of their event to submit their entries. (5) That the GSB site (the one you’re on now), will host everything they need to compete, so if all else fails, get them here.

Also, you can hold a pre-GSB meetup! We’ll provide the content and GSB-related info, you rally the troops. These sessions can help increase ticket sales for your Startup Weekend and help attendees get prepared for GSB.

How does the Hashtag Battle work?

We have released an updated blog post regarding Hashtag Battle. Please take a chance to read the post. If you still have questions refer to our Support Portal for an FAQ on the Hashtag Battle.

Voting Platform is down? What should I do?

If SWOOP, Community Sites, or the Voting Platform are down, or you are experiencing an outage, please refer to our Support Portal. We post up to date information regarding outages, approximate fix times, and workaround solutions.

Have a different question? Contact Us.