The Tracks of GSB 2015

There are several themed Tracks that offer different prizes, resources, and judges. Everyone is eligible, regardless of local event placement! Check out the many ways you can compete below.

  • Champions Track

    Champions Track

    Join a legacy of some of the all-time Startup Weekend greats as part of the Champions Track.

  • Great in the Making Track

    Great in the Making Track

    If you seek to make a difference (a great difference) in the lives of others, this is your track.

  • The Innovators Track

    The Innovators Track

    Calling all Startup Weekend teams that are launching their brilliant ideas on a .CO domain!

  • Disruptors & Big Ideas Track

    Disruptors & Big Ideas Track

    For the entrepreneurs setting out to change industries with visionary ideas.

  • Education through Video and Beyond Track

    Education through Video and Beyond Track

    How will you harness video to make great educational experiences possible around the world?

  • Mobile Growth Track

    Mobile Growth Track

    Calling all app developers and enthusiasts! Let Branch help you launch your next big idea!

  • Startup Women Track

    Startup Women Track

    Join us and help create diversity in technology entrepreneurship around the world.

  • Open Track

    Open Track

    Welcome to GSB! This Track is for teams who do not attend a GSB event and are in the early stages of launching their ideas.