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The Battle Returns November 13th - 22nd, 2015

As the world celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week, we'll be hosting the biggest battle in startups for the 6th straight year. Follow @StartupBattle on Twitter for updates and vote for your favorite team!

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For The Two Most Innovative Weekends of the Year

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    Find a Local Event to Attend

    Attend one of 200+ Startup Weekend events happening between November 13 and November 22

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    Select Tracks To Participate In

    You'll compete locally first, then against your region, then the world! You can also choose a themed Track that fits your team best to go after even more prizes and glory!

  • 3

    Compete and Share Your Team’s Entry

    Within 48 hours of your Startup Weekend ending, you will submit a 90 second video pitch. Then get ready to hustle for votes! A judging panel and votes will determine who moves on!

Over 250 Cities Are Competing. Find Yours.

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